Let the XYMOGEN—WholeScripts connection guide your wellness journey

Every individual’s journey to achieving optimal health and wellness is unique. By connecting with an integrative practitioner through our e-commerce, patient-centric platform, WholeScripts, we can help you navigate your personal challenges and choose the best XYMOGEN supplements that fit your wellness plan.
The Integrative Practitioner: A patient-centered, personalized approach to health care
In a world filled with environmental toxins and a food system that is more processed than nutritious, imagine your healthiest self. Imagine being supported by an integrative practitioner who focuses on root causes. Who treats the whole you and recommends holistic wellness protocols for care. We can help you connect with an integrative health partner as you embark on a holistic wellness journey that supports you through your entire lifespan. Connect with a practitioner through Wholescripts and get started today.
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XYMOGEN is here for you
When you partner with a healthcare practitioner who recommends XYMOGEN formulas you unlock a world of wellness tools to help you stay on track.

Unlock the mysteries of holistic wellness
WholeScripts magazine offers a wealth of knowledge on current healthcare topics to provide additional support to your wellness journey.
  • Explore perspectives on current health conditions
  • Learn about botanical and nutritional support options
  • Enjoy new ideas on lifestyle modifications for diet and exercise
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We’ve earned doctors’ trust

“The practice of 'window dressing' a label—listing a whole bunch of ingredients in minuscule amounts—leads consumers to believe they are getting a great deal when, in fact, the amounts of many nutrients are so low as to be meaningless. Having the right dose and type of nutrient matters deeply. My patients deserve very high quality and appropriately potent formulas at a good price. XYMOGEN provides this for my patients.”


- Medical Doctor from Tennessee, United States

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XYMOGEN understands the needs of practitioners and patients and has created other brands to ensure those needs are met. These brands include:
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We are passionate about helping you achieve your best possible health.